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HJHansen Recycling Industry Ltd. acquires Uniscrap Ltd.

HJHansen Recycling Industry Ltd., has just signed a deal regarding the acquisition of all shares in Uniscrap Ltd. The shares are acquired from Scholz Recycling GmbH. This means that all...

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HJH receives 70,000 scrap cars a year. Arranged one after the other on the motorway, they would reach approximately 315 km - approximately as from Copenhagen to Esbjerg or from Aalborg to the Danish / German border.

Ca. 285,000 refrigerated furniture is scrapped per year in Denmark. That equates to just under 8,000,000 kg of recyclable iron per year.

By recycling a ton of aluminum, energy equivalent to more than 10,000 kWh is saved compared to the production of new aluminum from virgin raw materials.

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