From grocery shop to an international business

The HJHansen Group is a family-owned group of companies with roots stretching back six generations. This means that experience, tradition and continuity play a decisive role in our company spirit. The company was established in 1829 as a grocery shop in Odense, Denmark and has developed into a modern business with a ramified network of both national and international selling and purchasing channels.

Two different cornerstones

The HJHansen Group is compiled of two very different overall business areas – Recycling and wine trade.

  • HJHansen Recycling Industry Ltd. A/S – A modern recycling industry and an international supplier of raw materials.
  • HJHansen Vin A/S – A respected wine trade company with a wide range of wine products, a wide range of delicacies, coffee and chocolates. Additionally, HJHansen Vin A/S has its own chain of wine specialist stores in Denmark.

HJHansen Recycling Ltd.

HJHansen Recycling Ltd. has a leading edge in recycling and raw materials technology. The HJHansen Group with its head office in Denmark is family-owned with roots stretching back six generations.

At HJHansen we collect, process and trade ferrous and non-ferrous metals all over the world, with special focus on Europe, the Far East and USA. We have established a worldwide sales network with a sales office in China, and we have our own sales agency in Turkey.

We are internationally renowned for high-quality products and services and have some of the best product specialists in the market.

At HJHansen we are firmly committed to our long-standing partners and customers all over the world. Mutual trust and confidence combined with proven quality is the key to our success in the world market, where we sell many different quality alloys that comply with international specifications.

Our sales department comprises international business people who are specialists in ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. We are accessible and easy to contact. Those of our customers and business partners who would like to see our scrap yards and processing plant are welcome to pay us a visit.

To help us respond quickly and efficiently to your request, it is important that we have as much detailed information as possible (materials, prices, quantities, etc.).

Call or mail

With our great know-how, HJHansen can advise you and your company on the best solutions. Contact us and we will give you a tailor-made offer through a close dialogue.

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