HJHansen Recycling Industry works primarely within the following 4 of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

On a global level HJHansen is dedicated to increasing resource recycling to the benefit of our climate, nature, and human beings around the world.
Regionally, we are dedicated to actively promoting the framework conditions for recycling and to informing decision makers about the societal benefits of our enterprise.
Additionally, we comply with local laws and regulations at all times and in all of our endeavours.
On the local level we wish to participate in a constructive and close dialogue with local authorities, communities, and other interested parties.

We strive to do business in a socially responsible manner.

3 Good Health

Internally, we at HJHansen focus on being a physically and mentally healthy company.
We work actively with the working environment and, among other things, we focus on safety in a potentially dangerous workplace.
We have a zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs.
Through our health program employees are offered assistance, should they need it.
The company’s culture, with its focus on decency, among others, also impacts on the mental work environment, where we have a high level of well-being among the employees.

4 Education
In our production operations, people with limited education historically have had good chances of finding a good job. The development of society means that more and more demands are placed on employees to read and use IT. We offer our staff assistance with dyslexia, upgrading of reading and writing skills and the use of IT.

8 Decent jobs and economic groth

When we sell our goods abroad, we point out that there must be reasonable conditions for employees, and when visiting the customers site, our sellers screen the customer’s business to ensure that the working environment is acceptable.

12 Responsible consumption
Recycling is a major contribution to reducing the environmental impact of society’s consumption today – both by reducing landfill, by limiting mining and by reducing energy consumption by remelting scrap rather than ore and other virgin raw materials.

In addition, with our ISO 14001 certification (environment) and our ISO 9001 (quality), we are constantly focusing on doing things in the most appropriate way and continuously improving our processes.

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