Recycling of aluminium is a significant CO2 saving process, since only approx. 5% are used of the energy consumption in remelting / recycling compared to traditional mining and production.

Aluminium can be melted again and again without losing its mechanical properties.
Thomas Reeholm Due

Aluminium scrap – buying locally from industry and scrap dealers

  • Scrap from window frames and other building elements
  • Industrial production scrap
  • Scrap from food packaging
  • Scrap from engine blocks and a myriad of applications in cars

All in all, any kind of aluminium scrap – we call it urban mining.

Aluminium scrap for sale – selling globally

  • Taint/Tabor. Mixed clean and old alloy sheets. Loose, cut shead or shredded
  • Post-consumer aluminium can scrap
  • Painted low copper aluminium
  • Aluminium copper radiators
  • New production aluminium extrusions
  • Mixed new and old aluminium extrusions
  • Mixed aluminium turnings
  • Mixed aluminium castings
  • Shredded non ferrous scrap – predominantly aluminium

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