Zinc is a blue-white, shiny metal
and relatively resistant to clean atmospheric air,
forming a protective layer of zinc oxide
with the oxygen of the air.

Zinc is very weather resistant and therefore often used outdoors
Thomas Reeholm Due

Zinc scrap – buying locally from industry and scrap dealers

  • Roof Coverage
  • Gutters
  • Old-fashioned buckets, tubs and herbal pots
  • Toy
  • Interior, candlesticks etc.
  • Medals
  • Anodes in maritime environments

Zinc scrap for sale – selling globally

  • Old zinc diecast scrap
  • New zinc diecast scrap
  • Old scrap zinc

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HJHansen Recycling Industry Ltd. acquires Uniscrap Ltd.

HJHansen Recycling Industry Ltd., has just signed a deal regarding the acquisition of all shares in Uniscrap Ltd. The shares are acquired from Scholz Recycling GmbH. This means that all...

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